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How to create wildcard subdomain in cPanel

Wildcard subdomains allow you to point all the existing and non-existing subdomains to a particular folder in your hosting space. For example, if you enter any subdomain in your browser which is existing or not, it will show the same content that you uploaded to the folder for the wildcard subdomain.

  1. Login to your control panel ( http://domain.com/cpanel )
  2. Under the Domains section, click on the Subdomains link.
  3. Enter '*' as your subdomain name. 
  4. Select the domain you wished to create the subdomain for.
  5. Enter the root directory( eg: /public_html/subdomain )  for your wildcard subdomain in Document Root.
  6. Click on Create.
  7. Go to the menu Advanced DNS Zone Editor.
  8. Create A record for *.domain.com and pointed to your server IP address(Ignore this step if it already exists).
  9. Once the propagation is over, your Wildcard subdomain will work properly.
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NOTE: In the instructions below you should replace domain.com with your registered domain name.
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