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SSL Security Certificates - Buy your SSL Certificate in Dubai

If you have an online presence and you are serious about being protected then you need SSL. As the website owner, it becomes your responsibility to protect user data and defend against identity theft. Most customers will refuse to use your website if it does not have an SSL certificate. The presence of an SSL Site Seal on your website allows your customers to shop with full trust and confidence knowing that they are protected.

256 Bit SSL

  Which SSL certificate is right for my website?

You can shop by validation level, number of domains secured, or simpy by brand

Domain Validation

These are the most basic types of SSL and least expensive offering a basic level of encryption. These certificates are issued very quickly and involve a simple verification check with regards to domain ownership.

Organization Validation

Organization Validation SSL certificates provide a higher level of security and lets customers know they can trust your server with their personal information. These certificates include more detailed authentication of the business or organisation that owns the domain.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation is the highest level of security where the certifying authority conducts a thorough examination of the business before issuing a certificate. These certificates are more costly as they generate a higher degree of user trust.

Single Domain

As the name suggests, a single-domain certificate provides security for a single fully-qualified domain name.


Wildcard certificates are public-key certificates that secure your website URL and unlimited sub-domains.

Multiple Domains

Multi-Domain SSL certificates allow you to secure multiple domains and hostnames across different IPs.


as low as AED 99.00/year