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How to transfer GoDaddy.com domain names to Middle East Infoway?

This article will explain how you can transfer GoDaddy.com domains to Middle East Infoway.

Login to your GoDaddy account here mya.godaddy.com

Step 1: Click the "Manage Domains" link from your GoDaddy.com account. This will open the domain control center.

Step 2: Click on the domain name that you want to transfer from GoDaddy hosting.

Step 3: 
Change the lock on the GoDaddy domain by clicking "Manage".

Step 4: Change the lock to "Unlock" and click the "OK" button.

Step 5: You now need to get your Auth Code for the domain transfer, make a note of this code.

Step 6: Click the "Send By Email" link. This will send the Auth Code/Handle number to the admin contact for the domain name hosted on GoDaddy.com.

Step 7: Place your transfer request on http://www.meinfoway.com/transfer-domain.php if it's a single domain or you may use Bulk Transfer if you have more than one domain to transfer

Step 8: Then you simply go through our checkout pages following the on-screen instructions where you will have to option to enter the EPP Authorisation Code which is needed for the transfer.

Step 9: The appropriate registry for your GoDaddy domain extension will then email you with further instructions on transferring your domain to Middle East Infoway, so please ensure you check your mail regularly.

Once the transfer process completed, you will get a confirmation email from Middle East Infoway.

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