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MySQL Database for cPanel (VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Servers)

You can use PHPMYADMIN from cPanel by going to www.domain.com/cpanel or http://cpanel.domain.com (replace domain.com with your actual domain name)

  1. First you must make sure that you have created the Database and Database User in cPanel under your domain by clicking on MySQL Databases.

  2. Then you can access your database from PHPMYADMIN in cPanel or you can use you preferred Database Management Tool such as HeidiSQL, Navicat or any other DB Tool.

  3. If you want to connect to this MySQL Database from your website code or script you must specify the following:

    Hostname / IP: Use your domain as hostname
    Username: (as created by you in cPanel)
    Password: (as created by you in cPanel)
    Database: (as created by you in cPanel)

This article is applicable to those people who have a Linux VPS, Cloud or Dedicated server from Middle East Infoway.

If you are on our shared hosting platform (Website Panel) then you can view the following article: MySQL Database for Website Panel (Shared Hosting)

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