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Configuring an Enquiry Form or Contact Form

If you have an Enquiry Form or any other form that can be submitted on your website then you need to configure your code to use SMTP Authentication:

  1. First you need to create an email account that will be used for SMTP Authentication in your code. (You can do this in the Website Panel or in cPanel or Plesk if you have cloud, VPS or a Dedicated Server.)

  2. In your code you will need to use the following settings:

    • SMTP Host: mail.meinfoway.co.uk
    • SMTP Username: The full email address you created e.g. name@domain.com
    • SMTP Password: The password you created
    • SMTP Auth: True


Ideally you should download and use PHPMAILER for the sending of contact forms securely together with the settings as explained above

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