Reduce your cost of living in Dubai

December 16, 2014  

At Middle East Infoway we have always felt that it is necessary for us to help everyone, especially when it comes to costs, savings and the environment.  As residents of Dubai we have always considered various ways to do this and also to pass this on to other residents. Actually this does not just apply to Dubai but to all the other emirates too.

Many people may have recently read that oil prices have gone down considerably and at the time of writing this the prices for a barrel stood at less than $55 according to Reuters who reported that it is the lowest it has been in the last 5 years. Locally, it has also emerged that the commodity prices have led to a drop in inflation

This allows us to have a valid reason to request the authorities and utility companies to remove, or at least, reduce the “Fuel Surcharge”  which they had added over the past few years due to the high oil prices. Therefore it is no longer a necessity for them to at the fuel surcharge. You can see the example below which shows how the fuel surcharge has been added. This gives us all a valid reason to contact our utility companies to request this.

Fuel Surcharge Dubai

The airlines have already dropped their prices due to the fall in oil prices so that should serve as an example for the utility companies to follow. To be precise, this needs to be addressed to the utility companies such as DEWA and can also apply to the “Cooling Charges” that some developments in Dubai are charging which is provided by Empower to various districts.

You have nothing to lose by contact these companies whether it is by phone, email or through writing. In fact, you may also contact DEWA on Facebook are very active on Social Media and use that to reach out to consumers regularly or you can contact them through other methods on the DEWA Website.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are an individual or a business, you can make some great savings by following our advice above. We all love living in Dubai and such small things tend to make it a better place to live so anything that can reward us loyal residents will be welcome.


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