How Dubai has adopted Digital Marketing

July 14, 2014  

Dubai has always managed to exceed expectations and has made a place for itself on the global map with having the tallest building, biggest shopping mall and many more record-breaking feats.

However, we wanted to review how Dubai has fared in terms of growth in Digital Marketing and the results show that Dubai has excelled in this regard too. Many of the companies, brands and organisations have strong presence online and have used this internet to their advantage allowing them to further grow their business, reach out to customers or clients and get ahead of the competition on both, a global and local scale.


Let’s take a look at just a few of these to validate our point:

Sheikh Mohammed is very active on Facebook. Okay, we admit that he is not a company or business by himself but he is at the forefront of Brand Dubai and he uses the social networks to reach out to the people living in Dubai and people value that from the perspective of a great leader – perhaps one of the best in the world for everything that he has managed to achieve and which his vision he has developed Dubai superbly.

Sheikh Mohammed on Facebook


Emirates Airlines has a great presence of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked-In. They have capitalised on this to be closer to the customers who seem to love the posts especially on Facebook. Emirates always have interesting content that is posted and also make use of seasonal, festive or holiday promotions by getting the word on social networks. If you look at how they engaged football fans during the FIFA 2014 World Cup, it shows that simple content like this on a daily basis can take your business far and generate some good viral marketing – which boosts your sales in turn!

Emirates and Digital Marketing


Al Farooj is not a huge brand but is locally renowned as one of the best Shawerma restaurants. We chose thisjust to show that it’s not just big businesses or famous people that make use of digital marketing, even the small local businesses can benefit greatly by having a good web presence.Al Farooj Web Presence


In conclusion, now is the right time to develop your web presence and boost your business through digital marketing. This is why we call it the “Digital Age” as this is something that every business needs and can use to catapult their business to the next level. You don’t need to be an internet guru to achieve this and it would be easier to source a digital marketing company who has experience in helping companies to build a good web presence.


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