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Cloud Email

Premium dedicated service of "Email in the Cloud" where you can enjoy 100% uptime. Many corporate and business email users have upgraded to our Cloud Email service which uses the latest technology for emails which is Cloud-based and supports IMAP and POP technology.

Cloud Business - Web/Email Hosting Service
AED 450/month
  • 60GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Cloud Control Panel
  • 100% Uptime*
  • Backups
  • Free Domain
Special Offer:
1 month free when you sign up for 1 year or more
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Cloud Enterprise - Web/Email Hosting Service
AED 850/month
  • 120GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Cloud Control Panel
  • 100% Uptime*
  • Backups
  • Free Domain
Special Offer:
1 month free when you sign up for 1 year or more
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Cloud Custom
  • More Storage Space
  • Custom Solution
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Cloud Hosting is a part of cloud computing which has been specifically tailored to allow companies to increase productivity and efficiency when it comes to email access and communication amongst their employees, clients, customers and suppliers.


The use of cloud servers with IMAP technology now brings you a more powerful and robust email service. IMAP has the advantage of synchronising emails across all of your devices wherever you are. An IMAP server stores all of your email centrally in one place (in the cloud) and no matter which computer, laptop, tablet or device you use the emails are correctly synchronised regardless of your location, whether you are in the office, at home, watching a movie or on the beach for that matter!

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Lets say that you have your email setup on 3 devices e. computer, iPad and iPhone. Suppose you send an email from your iPhone you would be able to see that in SENT items folder on all of those computers, iPad and iPhone. When you read an email on any of those devices it would be MARKED AS READ on all devices so that you know you read it already and do not get confused. If you delete the email on one device or computer then it will also be deleted from all devices. On IMAP the email is stored on the server, so your email cannot be deleted/destroyed if your computer should happen to crash, be stolen, or destroyed. If you read a message on one computer, it is read on any other computer you use to access your mail. If you reply to an email on one computer, that reply is available on any computer you use. Because emails only exist on the server in the IMAP protocol, they are safe if the computer is lost or destroyed, unlike with POP3.

All of the above Linux VPS plans include the following:
  • Cloud Storage Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Reliable and Super-fast connection
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Excellent Support 24/7
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Instant Reboot Capability
  • Backup Restore Utility
  • Uptime Guarantee 100%
  • Supports IMAP and POP
  • Excellent webmail which is mobile friendly
  • Scalability: You can upgrade easily at any time without any disruption
Here are some key advantages that Cloud Email offers over regular mail servers:
1. Security

Accounts are insulated from each other, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access from hackers as well as other customers. The isolation of your account also minimizes the risk of being impacted by a DDOS attack that was intended for someone else.

2. Performance

All resources can be regulate so that someone else cannot monopolise a large share of the resources leaving you without server resources to process your task, thus, your service will run reliably and predictably.

3. Reliability

With our history of 100% uptime for our Cloud servers you will have almost no chance of server downtime. This is certainly the best you can get in comparison to the legacy shared email servers which can face downtime if another client is sending our bulk emails or if anything malicious has passed through the email server whereas with Cloud servers you will be protected from this as only your domain will be hosted on the Cloud partition.

4. Protected Mail Service

Each cloud email server has its own private mail server. This eliminates the risk that your mail service will be blacklisted due to abuses of others sharing the same mail service.

5. Attachment Size

You can increase the attachment limit to whatever you like.

6. Email Archiving

You can archive all emails using IMAP so that you have a copy of all emails sent and received on the cloud server.

* Read the Terms & Conditions for Free Domain and the 100% uptime is based on our history to date for the above service.